Who Is Paddles?

Who Is Paddles?

Paddles Parker is the Copper and Cream Mascot!

With a heap of knowledge about Rolled Ice Cream, A Dream, 2 Ice Cream Scrapers and a one way ticket...On 10th September 2023, Paddles jumped onboard a flight from Southeast Asia and headed to New Zealand!

Why New Zealand you may ask? Paddles simply knew that the people of New Zealand LOVED Ice Cream and they top the list of world ice cream eaters.... consuming an average per year of 28.40 litres per person!

As Paddles travelled across the Pacific Ocean, she began looking for a place in NZ to call home... this is where she discovered Karapiro and then the greater Waikato!
Paddles arrived in New Zealand in early November this year with a dream.... that dream was to become friends with all the people of New Zealand and help them discover the deliciousness that is Rolled Ice Cream!

Upon finding that the Waikato already had a Rolled Ice Cream store... Paddles reached out to the owners and the rest is history!

Paddles is now known to be seen around various locations in Waikato. As payment for the work she does at Copper and Cream, Paddles is paid in vouchers...... 

What can she do with all these vouchers? Simple! Paddles wants to share them with everyone she meets so they too can experience the deliciousness of Rolled Ice Cream and visit the best Ice Cream locations in the Waikato!

So... if you see Paddles out and about, go up and say Hi! ..... Its highly likely she will also share her vouchers with you!

Paddles Arrives in Cambridge!

Doing The Happy Dance!

Happiness Comes In Many Forms.... For Paddles That Is In ROLLED ICE CREAM!

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